How to Create a New Virtual Assistant


You need to have an OmniGuide engine set up before you start creating a virtual assistant.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Virtual assistants are created and configured in the Admin Console > OmniGuide.


2. Go to the Virtual Assistants tab and choose Add Virtual Assistant.


3. Before configuring the virtual assistant, see What Does a Virtual Assistant Do to figure out what would be the best setup for your use case.



  • Name - Each virtual assistant needs to have a name. It is not mandatory for the name to be unique, but consider a few aspects while choosing the name:
    • The visitor will get no indication that the engagement is with a bot, not a person. To manage expectations, it might be a good idea to indicate the operator’s digital origin in the name. 
    • In some cases, it might be reasonable to relate the virtual assistant’s name to its purpose or field of action.
  • Description (optional) - Use when further clarification is needed regarding the purpose, limitations, etc of the virtual assistant.
  • Attach to engine - Each virtual assistant is run by a conversational bot, its engine. A suitable engine has to be created and configured beforehand.
    • The engine can be based on a variety of AI frameworks, each designed to reach slightly different goals and to assure different functionality. Choosing the best engine for your use case is not in the scope of this guide. 
  • Attach to teams - A virtual assistant needs to belong to at least one team. Which team(s) to choose may depend on which queue(s) you want your virtual assistant to participate in, or your operator reporting and managing setup. 
  • Max number of engagements (optional) - Use if you want the maximum number of engagements allowed for this virtual assistant to differ from the site’s global settings.
  • Virtual assistant picture (optional) - Not obligatory, but would be nice to attach a picture to a virtual assistant.




4. After saving the settings the virtual assistant is instantly available in the assigned teams, waiting for visitors to talk to.


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