What Does a Virtual Assistant Do

Virtual assistants are similar to operators in Glia Hub: they accept text engagements from visitors, are able to CoBrowse, and make an effort to give the best possible response to visitor’s questions.

How the virtual assistant reacts to the visitor’s messages and actions, is defined by its inner mechanism - the engine. As the engine is framework-agnostic, many different behavioral patterns are available - it is easy to switch between frameworks or use multiple frameworks in parallel. You should find the best to match your expectations for the virtual assistant’s role.

If backed by a suitable engine, the virtual assistant can:

  • Have conversations with the visitor - respond to visitor’s questions or activity on the website, suggest certain products or activities, ask for additional information, or otherwise advise; either by text or using response cards.
  • CoBrowse with the visitor - help in navigation or filling forms, point out where mistakes have been made, draw attention to certain fields or buttons, etc.


  • Transfer the engagement to another virtual assistant or operator - if the conversation reaches the limit of the virtual assistant’s knowledge.


  • Send custom commands to execute certain actions that the visitor web page allows.
  • End the engagement. 

Each virtual assistant must belong to at least one team and through teams, they can be assigned to different queues. A site may have several virtual assistants that can belong either in one team or separate teams.

While choosing the proper number of virtual assistants and their assignment to teams consider, for example: 

  • how many different topics the assistants need to cover: maybe each topic has its own dedicated team/queue and engine;
  • how compact you want the reporting to be: if all virtual assistants belong to one team, all reports can be extracted together;
  • at what times of the day the virtual assistants need to be available:  maybe only while operators are out of office.

If the visitor is in an engagement with a virtual assistant and does not end the engagement manually from their side, the engagement will be automatically closed in 12 hours.


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