How to Create a New Operator Assistant


Make sure you have a proper OmniGuide engine set up, before adding a new operator assistant.

Step-by-step Guide

1. Operator assistants are created and configured in Admin Console > OmniGuide.


2. Go to the Operator Assistants tab and choose Add Operator Assistant.


3. The configuration of the operator assistant can vary widely depending on its purpose. See

to find out what kind of configuration is needed for your use case.


  • Always On - You can choose your operator assistant’s availability:
    • If you want it to participate in every engagement, turn on the Always On toggle;  the option Attach to queues will disappear.
    • If you want it to participate only in engagements in certain queue(s), turn off the Always On.  The option Attach to queues will (re)appear and you can choose queue(s) where you want the assistant to participate.
    • Note that if you turn off the Always On and choose no queues, this operator assistant will never be used!
  • Name  - It is best if the name is indicative of what is the assistant’s purpose, either Sales Assistant or Compliance Control or something other, very specific to your company.
  • Description (optional) - If the name doesn’t clarify the purpose of the assistant enough, you may add a short description of what it is and what it does.
  • Attach to engine - Each operator assistant is essentially run by a conversational bot, or engine, which has to be created and configured beforehand. 
    • The bot(s) can be based on a variety of AI frameworks, of which each has its ups and downs. Choosing the best engine is out of the scope of this guide.
  • Attach to queue - Since each operator assistant’s underlying engine has specific capabilities, it is often wise to attach the operator assistant only to the queues that actually need a certain kind of assistance.
    • In addition to that there might be universal operator assistants that are used in every engagement, all queues included. To create such an assistant, turn on the Always On toggle; the Attach to queues field will disappear.
    • Note that if you choose no queues and the Always On is turned off, this operator assistant will never be used.
  • React to - Some operator assistants are designed to react to visitors’ messages and suggest responses and actions to the operator; some operator assistants, on the other hand, are designed to react to the operator’s messages and coach them. The default value here is Visitor.


4. Once you have configured everything and saved the settings, the operator assistant will be applied to the site instantly.


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