Channels Configuration

Glia allows visitor engagements to be originated from Slack, Facebook, Whatsapp and SMS, which are called channels in the Glia Operator App. Messaging applications can be paired with Glia, so the text messages will trigger visitor engagement requests, which can be served by operators. Slack and Facebook channels can be added in the Channels category of advanced admin. SMS and WhatsApp channels require an inbound phone number. Whatsapp configuration is facilitated by Customer Success Managers.


In order to configure a channel, go to advanced admin, select Channels category and Add Channels. Choose the desired channel type and add name, description and select the queue that the visitor engagement requests will be directed to.

One site can have multiple channels, including the same type, i.e.: several Slack workspaces or Facebook Pages.

Every channel must have exactly one queue assigned. Please find recommendations regarding queues below: 

  • queue should be able to queue visitors 24/7, even when unstuffed, 
  • queue capacity should be high enough, so it doesn't become full,
  • queue must not be closed - otherwise, the visitor's message will be lost.

It shall be noted that if the visitor sends a message but the queue is closed, full or does not allow queuing when unstaffed, the visitor's message, as well as the engagement request, will be lost.


In Glia advanced admin settings go to Channels category, Add Channel and select Slack. In order to proceed with pairing Slack and Glia, you need to have access to the administrative account in Slack, as during the configuration process you will be required to log in. Fill in the information (remembering special recommendations for the queue) and press the Add to Slack button on the bottom.


In the next step, you need to confirm your identity regarding the selected workspace. Additionally, you are asked for permission to add a bot user with the username @glia. The bot name can be later changed in the Slack settings. In order to proceed, choose Allow.


Once completed, the pop-up window closes and you are shown the text "Setup with Slack is complete!". Press Save to finalize the channel configuration.


From now on your visitors will be able to connect with the operators through Slack by sending direct messages to Glia. In order to do so, go to direct messages and select Glia or choose Glia under the Apps and send a message. Once the message is sent, it triggers a visitor engagement that will be handled by the operator serving the queue specified in the configuration.



In Glia advanced admin settings go to Channels category, Add Channel and select Facebook. Fill in the information remembering special recommendations for the queue. In order to proceed with pairing Facebook and Glia press Log in With Facebook button on the bottom. 

Once you press Log in With Facebook button, you might receive a warning message from Facebook regarding the URL being blocked - please see below:


URL blocked: This redirect failed because the redirect URI is not whitelisted in the app's client OAuth settings. Make sure that the client and web OAuth logins are on and add all your app domains as valid OAuth redirect URIs.

This error appears when you log in to the Glia Operator app with SAML using the address or where "company" is the name of your company or its abbreviation. In this case, please contact our support in order to request URI whitelisting in Glia Facebook App. Once whitelisting is completed or no error has been shown, you can proceed with the further steps described below.

The Facebook account should have administrative rights to Facebook Page that visitors are going to interact with through direct messaging. 


Once you log in with Facebook, a pop window will appear. In the first step, it is required to confirm the Facebook account, that you would like to proceed with pairing Glia and Facebook. 


Continue as the user that has administrative rights to the desired Facebook Page. 

Please note, that it is possible to select multiple Facebook pages. Select the ones you are interested in and click on Next.


In the "What is Glia allowed to do?" step, allow both the "Manage your Pages" and "Manage and access Page conversations in Messenger". These permissions are granted to Glia Facebook App and are necessary to connect the Facebook Page and Glia platform. Confirm the selection with Done.


Once done, the pop-up window closes and the page selection dropdown appears displaying the Facebook Page(s) you gave permission for to be integrated with Glia. Choose the one that you would like to use for this channel.


Once the channel has been paired with the Facebook Page, you can sign out from Facebook using the Log Out button. From now on visitor engagements can be initiated by the chat message sent from the Facebook Page.


In order to setup Whatsapp as a channel please contact your Customer Success Manager, who will assist you with setting up Whatsapp numbers that will serve as a channel paired with Glia.

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