Quick Contacts

Quick Contacts allows adding phone numbers that can be used by operators for transferring an ongoing phone engagement outside of the Glia platform. Once the contact is saved, it is visible for the operator in the transfer window under the external numbers tab. Usually, this feature is used when the visitor requires assistance from a better-suited business partner or consultant, who is not using the Glia platform.

Add a Contact

In order to add an external phone number, choose the desired site in Glia Advance Admin and go to the Quick Contacts category. Once opened, choose Add Quick Contact and provide the information required.


Name - brief explanation who is behind the quick contact entry, e.g. business partner name
Number - enter the phone number in the E.164 format and the extension number if applicable
E-mail - electronic address
Description - relevant information you would like to include regarding the contact

Save the contact by clicking Done.

Quick Contacts in the Transfer Window

All quick contacts added will be visible under the external numbers tab in the transfer window. Please note that there is a possibility to also provide an external number directly in this window - you can enter the phone number and extension (if applicable) at the bottom and start the transfer. However, please note, that this phone number won’t be saved to the Quick Contacts.


In order to learn more about transferring engagements, please read Transferring Engagements: Step-By-Step article.

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