Question: What is needed to set up SAML configuration with Glia?
Answer: Please see SAML overview article for details:

Question: We are changing/renewing our server certificates, what information is needed by Glia to update SAML configuration? 
Answer: Best thing would be SAML metadata file, but alternatively public key certificate will also suffice. For better coordination please also provide a timeline of the activities from your side.

Question: What happens on Glia side when an operator logs in with SSO?
Answer: When logging in with SSO:
Glia checks if the provided operator email exists in our system

  • If yes, then Glia system checks if the operator account has sites attached which have SAML configuration
    • if yes, then the operator is logged in
    • if no, then the operator is not logged in
  • If no, then SAML can be configured to either
    • to create a new account for the operator and attach all sites related to that SAML to the account
    • ignore the login attempt

Question: If the operator account already exists and that operator uses a different SAML to log in then do they get additional sites assigned to their account that are related to new SAML?
Answer: No, only when an operator logs in the first time using SAML then their account is created and that is when the sites are assigned to their account. After that, no further updates are done when logging in using SAML.


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