How to Set up a Business Rule?

At any point, web page visitor can turn into a valuable customer who is about to purchase a service or product. In business, the conditions are constantly changing and business rules provide a powerful and flexible approach to help organizations move more quickly in meeting their goals and target the right customers.

Depending on a desired action what the business wants to achieve by business rules, we can differentiate three types of business rules:

  1. Visitor faced rules - visitor can observe the triggered action: can see call out message or media selection.
  2. Operator faced rules - operator notification about certain visitors on page.
  3. Analytic events - enables to track all kinds of visitor actions on web page.

Before you jump to build your own rule, please review the article “What does business rules do?” It explains the structure of business rules and describes the meaning behind each field.


Examples of most commonly used business rules

Example of visitor faced rule:

This rule is showing reactive call out message (the chat bubble turns into a customized message) whenever visitor clicks on Help button on webpage. This is one of the most common use cases to target visitors who seems to seek help.



Example of Operator faced rule:

This business rule triggers operator notification (in browser notification message) notifying the operator about a certain visitor action. In this example it is notifying available operator that visitor clicked on "Help" button and possibly needs operator's attention.



Example of Analytics event rule:

In order to collect stats for a report, it is possible to track through business rules for example how many visitors clicked on reactive bubble (chat bubble) or clicked on "Help" button. The business rule is configured to send analytics event every time the visitor performs this action. This data is collected by the client and can be use in multiple purposes. For example see how many customers started chat engagement with operators after they clicked on "help" button and a custom callout message was offering them to talk with a customer service specialist.


Not familiar with all the specific terms used in the business rule configuration field? Read also our introduction to business rules "Getting Started With Business Rules".

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