Faq: Why Are Reporting Numbers Not Matching?

Here are commonly asked questions and answers why numbers in Reporting are not matching up.

Why the number of engagements differs in Reporting and in Logs export for the same time period?

  1. Reporting uses your computer's local time, but Logs export times are always in UTC time. Please make sure that you are comparing the same timeframes. 
  2. Reporting counts each sub-engagements and transfer separately, but Logs export aggregates all sub-engagements and transfers under one main engagement. 


Numbers in Reporting have changed over time?

These discrepancies happen mostly because there has been a change in team or queue structure. Data is queried based on the current status. Please check if there have been any of the following changes:

  1. Have any of the queues been deleted? Querying all engagements without filtering by queue will give all the engagements.
  2. Have there been any changes in the teams? When querying the number of engagements per team then only currently active operators in that team are accounted for. Again, querying all engagements without filtering will give you all engagements. 
  3. Has the site been removed from the operator? If an operator is no longer associated with a site then reporting does not show operator's engagements for that site.


How can there be more Engagements than Total Queued Visitors?

Because of proactive engagement calls. If the operator initiates an engagement with a visitor then the visitor is not placed in the queue and thus will not reflect in the queue reporting.

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