What is an OmniGuide “Virtual Assistant”?

Virtual Assistants are Operators fully backed by the associated Engine. They accept Engagements from Visitors and proxy conversations between Visitors and the Engine. Virtual Assistants can be managed in the Operator platform UI under Advanced Admin's OmniGuide tab. Virtual Assistants are equal to operators in the platform. When adding a virtual assistant you can attach them to a team so that when you look at reporting all the Virtual Assistants can be reported on together.


Confidence categories

Virtual Assistants interpret responses based on the Engine confidence category:

  • fulfilled: The command is executed (see Supported commands)
  • elicit intent: The command is executed (see Supported commands)
  • unusable: The command is ignored


Supported commands

  • transfer: The transfer is initiated, the notifications (if present) in the command are sent to Visitor. For more information, read our step-by-step guide how to transfer engagements.


Multiple Virtual Assistants per Site

A Site can have multiple Virtual Assistants and each Virtual Assistant can belong to different teams. Through this assignment Virtual Assistants can staff different queues. This allows creating multiple Engines that support Virtual Assistants in different queues.


Timeout for engagements with a virtual assistant

If the visitor is in an engagement with a virtual assistant and does not end the engagement manually from their side, then the engagement will be automatically closed in 12 hours by the system.


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