Configuring a new OmniCall number

Configuring OmniCall numbers is very simple in the Advanced Admin console.

When navigating to the OmniCall section of Advanced Admin you'll arrive on the numbers screen. Click any of the column headers to filter by name, number, queue, or date last used.

For more details on each of the configuration options see this article.


Configure a new OmniCall number:

  1. Click the pencil icon to configure a newly purchased number
  2. Queue: select a queue to associate the phone number. The queue will dictate which team receives engagements to this phone number and whether or not there is any prioritization of operators. 
  3. Context: this is the file that will display for the operator when receiving an OmniCall engagement.
  4. Caller notifications: these are the pre-recorded audio files that will play for a visitor when they enter the queue, are waiting on hold, are about to be connected, and/or sent to voicemail.
  5. Forwarding: there are 3 options for call forwarding
    1. Phone number: choose this option if you'd like the call to be forwarded to another number (either another OmniCall number or an external number such as a mobile device)
    2. Voicemail: select one of the voicemail boxes to have messages processed through the Glia platform
    3. None: disconnect the caller after playing the final caller notification


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