How to Use the Operator Assistant

The operator assistant reacts to the chat messages of the visitor or of yourself and suggests how to proceed with an engagement. The recommendations are only visible to you and it is up to you to decide if they are relevant in the current situation and you should follow them, or not. Additionally, the recommendations are saved to the chat transcript.

Note that more than one operator assistants can participate in an engagement, thus to let you know which operator assistant made a certain recommendation, the operator assistant’s name is shown in the chat window. 

The recommendation can be:

  • A response to the visitor’s question that you can either 
    • approve and send: press Shift + Up, the message appears in your chat window for you to send.
    • modify to your better judgment: press Shift + Up, the message appears in your chat window for you to edit and send; if you change your mind, discard the message by Shift + Down.
    • ignore altogether: compose your own message to send.
  • A prompt on what would be the proper next action to take, e.g. offer CoBrowsing.
  • An attempt to coach you regarding the language used or products recommended; giving you the opportunity to rephrase your next statement and learn from mishaps.

To accept or accept and modify the operator assistant’s recommendation, press Shift + Up.

To quit changing the recommended message and discard it, press Shift + Down.

Example 1 

An operator assistant’s response: the operator reviews the recommendation and presses Shift + Up to accept and use it.


Example 2

An operator assistant’s prompt: based on the visitor input OmniGuide suggests the operator to offer CoBrowsing. 


Example 3 

An operator assistant coaching the operator: the operator uses foul language and the assistant reminds to be polite with the client.



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