How do I use OmniGuide as an Operator?


You always have the ability to review OmniGuide’s suggestions before sending them to a visitor to ensure a positive customer experience.

When an OmniGuide suggestion appears, review the response or prompt and determine whether or not it is logical for the scenario:

shift_up1.png If yes, press Shift and the up arrow key to select the response and pre-fill the text box. If necessary you can tweak the response before hitting enter to send.
shift_down.png You can quit the prompt editing any time by pressing Shift and the down arrow key.

If the response is not logical for the scenario you can disregard the suggestion and craft a custom response. As a note, the OmniGuide suggestion or prompt is NOT visible to the visitor until you select the response and send it to the visitor.

See OmniGuide in action in the following video.

Operator Side           //           Visitor Side 


Other FAQs

How is this different from a Knowledge Base?

OmniGuide is different from the concept of a Knowledge Base, which you are likely very familiar with. Knowledge bases typically are a repository for FAQs with lengthy articles and can be used for internal and/or external purposes. OmniGuide, on the other hand, is designed to have shorter responses that logically flow in dynamic and complex conversations.


Will this be automated eventually?

Glia will work with your company to analyze when responses and prompts are utilized to improve the accuracy of the suggestions. As we continue to train the engine and improve the accuracy over time this can become more automated.


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