How to Configure a Team as a Back-Up Support for a Queue

Configuring back-up support for a queue

OmniQ is designed to be flexible and meet your business needs. Maybe your business has an element of seasonality, or other circumstances drive volumes higher and leading you to adjust your operations.

With OmniQ you can easily designate individuals or teams as back-up support.



Designating back-up teams

Adding a team as back-up

If an entire team is going to serve as back-up for a queue, it's easiest to add that team to the queue, then set those operators as a lower priority.

  • In the queue edit window, simply indicate the back-up team name in the "Teams" field.
  • Then, choose "yes" to prioritize operators
    • If an entire team is acting as back-up, we recommend setting a priority of 1 for all operators on the primary team, and a priority of 2 for all operators on the back-up team.

Your setup will look something like this:


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