Prioritize operators in a queue

What is priority routing?

When enabled, operator priority can be designated within a queue. 

When not enabled, standard queue routing applies.


Configuring operator priorities

Operator priority logic

  • Operators are ranked in ascending order
    • I.e. an operator with rank of "1" is routed an engagement request before an operator with a rank of "2"
  • If multiple operators have the same rank, other factors determine the order in which an operator is offered an engagement (when considering those operators only)
  • Unranked operators (shown as rank "-") are ranked last


Setting operator priority

  • Select "Yes" for Prioritize operators setting
  • The operators on the selected teams will appear
  • Enter a number 1-10 (the same priority number can be assigned to multiple operators)
  • Click the Priority button to sort the operators in ascending or descending order
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