Prioritize Operators in the Queue

Prioritize Operators setting enables you to assign a priority to each operator that serves the queue. This configuration affects how visitor engagements are routed to operators.


When the setting is on, the operator’s priority is considered as the first factor, when the engagement is being routed. Please note, that the media match between operator and visitor is not considered when this setting is on, as long as the operator can serve the media requested by the visitor. That allows you to prioritize operators based on whatever business need you may have. 

Setting Operator Priority

In order to prioritize the operators, please follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the queue settings.
  2. Select "Yes" for Prioritize Operators setting.
  3. Assign the priority to each operator at the bottom of the window.

If needed, click the Priority button to sort the operators in ascending or descending order.

Assigning Priority To Operators

When assigning priorities, it is worth knowing that:

  • Priority of each operator can be ranged from 1 (highest) to 10 (lowest).
  • Operators without prioritization will automatically have the lowest priority (10).
  • The same priority can be assigned to multiple operators.

Assigning priority is queue specific - the same operator can have different priorities in different queues. However, if a visitor is in multiple queues, the priority of the operator is not considered at all when ordering the operators.


In order to learn about how visitor engagements are routed to operators, please read the following article: Queue - How Are Engagements Routed To Operators?

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