Placing an Outbound Call

Follow these steps to place an outbound call.


  1. Click "+" button in top left corner to initiate engagement
  2. Click the "Call" button (Note: if you're assigned to multiple sites, choose the appropriate site from the drop-down menu. This ensures the correct callback number is displayed to the visitor on caller ID.)
  3. Enter the desired phone number (change country selected if necessary)
  4. Click "Call" to place the call
  5. Once the visitor answers the call you'll see the time elapsed and other actions in the top left beneath the modal where you entered the phone number
  6. To mute: Click the grey mic icon
  7. To end call: Click the red phone icon to hang up
  8. Click the "x" on the new engagement tab to return to the home screen

Once the call has ended the conversation will be included in your Logs.


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