General: Reactive Bubble Settings

There are a few settings you can adjust related to the Reactive Bubble.



1) Global switch to display/hide the Reactive Bubble for the site

If SaleMove is installed and turned on (per first setting in “General” section) you also have the ability to control whether or not reactive engagements are enabled.

When turned ON, site visitors will have the ability to reach out to your operators (pending the 2 following settings).

When turned OFF, the Reactive Bubble will never display on your site. Proactive engagements (engagements initiated by an operator) are still possible.



2) Allow visitors to leave a message when no operators are available

Do you want visitors to be able to leave a message if nobody is available to assist them live? If so, set to “Yes”.

The Leave a Message function allows visitors to enter a text message. The message can be sent to a designated inbox, or all operators.

Currently the inbox where the message is delivered is controlled on the back-end, but this will be migrated to the Advanced Admin section as well.



3) Display unavailable operators in the operator selector

When an operator is logged out of SaleMove or is set to unavailable you can choose to include them in the Operator Selector for visitors to leave a message, or they can be removed from the list.

Most of our clients choose to remove unavailable operators, displaying only those operators that are currently available for live engagements with your site’s visitors.

When unavailable operators are displayed the operator's photo will have an overlay indicating if they are in a call, or if they are unavailable and can be left a message.

In the image below, both Lindsey and Justin are unavailable, while Stan in available to speak.



4) Reactive call timeframe

The reactive call timeframe determines how many seconds the operator has to answer an incoming call. The default, recommended time is 15 seconds to minimize wait times for customers. In some cases, customers will choose to extend this to 30 seconds.


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