General: Allowed Web Addresses

All web addresses that have been allowed and on which the Glia script may run will be listed here. It also means that all web addresses in this list will have the same settings(teams, queues, phone numbers, etc.) of the current site.


A web address must minimally include a fully qualified domain name and it may also include a path to further restrict. Besides that, Glia has restrictions on what web addresses you are allowed to set for security purposes. It is possible to add web addresses that are connected to the ones you have used previously. For example, if your website is you can add web addresses like or

To add a completely new web address or if some web addresses require their own independent settings please submit a request to the Glia SaleMove Service Desk or contact your Glia Success Manager. 

If you want to develop on a local host see more on that topic here.

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