What is the graph telling me for a particular stat?

The chart will display the data for a particular statistic with respect to any applied site, operator and date filters.

  1. Select the desired stat from the dropdown menu in the top left
  2. Ensure that sites and operators are selected
  3. Pick the desired date range
  4. The graph will refresh with the latest data
  5. Hover over a data point to view detailed information (a tooltip will appear with time frame, percentage, and raw data)

You can also change the way the data is displayed using the time (line graph) or cumulative (half doughnut chart) buttons in the top right corner.

  • Time view: When multiple categories are plotted (i.e. proactive vs reactive engagements, the total will always be out of 100 unless there was 0 activity for the inputs)
  • Cumulative view: The chart represents the breakdown of the total for the time period selected. Note this chart is not available for all metrics.

For additional analysis, download the stats and create your own charts using Excel.

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