Why Is Observation Not Loading?

Observation Mode

In some scenarios, you'll click to observe a visitor and their browsing session will not fully load in the Observation window. There are a few reasons why this happens:

  1. If the visitor is navigating between pages or leaves the page as you click on them, the session may not load. If the visitor has in fact left you'll see a "Visitor went idle" message.
  2. A visitor has a poor internet connection (on either desktop or mobile)
  3. The website or application the visitor is viewing loads slowly--Glia is unable to replicate the visitor's session until the page has loaded for the visitor so there could be a delay

If you are observing visitors and the Observation window does not load, wait for a little over a minute and the visitor's session will either load, or the visitor will drop off the site, which will be indicated.


Observing & CoBrowsing While Engaged

If you are in an engagement and the Observation window does not load, it's possible that there is an issue. Once the engagement ends please flag the engagement

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