Tips for Engaging with Mobile Visitors

Tips for Engaging with Mobile Visitors

How Do I Know if a Visitor is on Mobile?

There are a few indicators to know whether or not a visitor is on mobile as opposed to desktop:

  • Visitor details indicate the device type and browser
    • Click the blue (+) button on the right-hand side of the visitor details to view more
    • Mobile_Browser.png
  • Smaller screen in Observation window
    • When visitors are on desktop their browsing session will fill the Observation window entirely.
    • For visitors on mobile, their browsing session will mimic the size of the device in Observation and CoBrowsing.
    • CoBro_Size_Mobile.png


Best Practice: CoBrowsing With Mobile Visitors

Since the chat section is overlaid on the web page in mobile, it can be helpful for the operator to help guide the visitor back-and-forth between the conversation and the CoBrowsing session for a seamless experience.

You can tell that a visitor is browsing on the mobile web page because the Observation window has an overlay. 

As an operator you can move a customer between chat and CoBrowsing using the buttons in the top right corner of the Observation window:


  • Click the cursor icon to switch the visitor to CoBrowsing
  • Click the chat icon to move the visitor to Chat

Be mindful to give the visitor enough time to read the messages or review the information on the page before flipping them back-and-forth.

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