Queue - How are Engagements Routed to Operators?

The algorithm behind matching visitors and operators is designed to find an operator for each visitor in the queue from the pool of operators that are assigned to the queue via teams. Further on, operators are ordered based on certain criteria and engaged with visitors in that order. The prioritize operators setting in Glia OmniQ as well as operator engagement count, available media and start of last engagement affect how visitors are routed to operators.

Finding an Operator

The operator who can serve the visitor has to be assigned to the queue (via teams) that the visitor is waiting in. Note that if the queue has no teams assigned to it, all teams and operators are considered. In order to be able to be engaged, the operator needs to be in available status and support media that the visitor requested.

Factors Affecting Operators Order

The operators that meet the criteria above, will be ordered. Ordering happens based on the factors described below in the order of significance. Once the ordering is complete, the top operator will be engaged with the next visitor in the queue and the procedure of selecting the operator is repeated for the next visitor, etc.

Prioritize Operators

First of all, Glia system will check if the Prioritize Operators setting is on for the queue. This factor is applicable if the visitor is queueing to one queue only.

  • Prioritize Operators On - Operators with the highest priority are going to serve the queue first.
  • Prioritize Operators Off - Operators have no assigned priority and this factor is ignored.

If the mentioned setting is not enabled, the following one is considered first.

On-going Engagement Count

Irregardless to Prioritize Operators Setting, the following factor taken into account is the on-going engagement count. Operators with fewer engagements will be engaged first.

Available Media Match

If Prioritize Operators setting is turned off, media match is considered. Media match system involves points, which are given to operators based on the media they support and the media requested by the visitor. Operators, who score more points based on the table below, are going to be engaged first.


Operator Points Based On Available Media





3 2 1


- 3 2


- 3 2


- - 3


The media match system is designed, so the higher media availability operators will not get lower media engagements as long as there are lower media operators available.

Last Engagement Start

Finally, the last engagement start is considered. Operators whose last engagement started earlier are going to be engaged first.


How are queued visitors
routed to operators?

If Prioritize Operators is ON for the queue, then the operators are ordered by:

If Prioritize Operators is OFF for the queue, then the operators are ordered by:

1. The priority of the operator.
(higher priority first)

1. Operator’s on-going
engagement count.

(fewer engagements first)

2. Operator’s on-going
engagement count.

(fewer engagements first)

2. Operator's media level.
(better compatibility first)

3. Operator’s last engagement start.
(earlier first)

3. Operator's last engagement start.
(earlier first)


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