How are engagements routed when multiple operators are available?

SaleMove engagements are routed based on operator availability, system is designed to keep the highest availability for the site. 

Example case:

  • Operator A available for chat, operator B available for Audio
  • Chat comes in from visitor
  • Only operator A gets the request rotating while available, operator B does not get it
  • IF operator A goes unavailable, then operator B will get the chat engagement request

Operator B does not get the chat engagement while operator A is available because system is designed to keep the highest availability for the site (in case some visitor wants to do audio and audio operators are more limited resource than chat operators).

Same goes for higher audio vs video etc. cases. Higher availability operators will not get lower media level engagements as long as there are lower level operators available.

In case all the operators have the same media availability, then the system takes into account the length of the time operator has been without an engagement. The operator who has been idle the longest gets the next incoming engagement.


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