Mobile Visitor Experience

Mobile Visitor Experience

Visitors can chat, CoBrowse, and speak with agents, even on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

Video is available on Android devices, and will be on Apple devices soon; however, Apple's operating systems do not yet support this functionality.  

Let's take a look at the visitor flow for a mobile engagement:

1) Visitors can click to chat on mobile the same way they do on a desktop computer, by clicking the button on the bottom of the screen. Operators can also send proactive engagements to the visitor.



2) Choose an available operator to engage with.



3) Once the engagement begins, the visitor can enter a message into the text field at the bottom, or tap on the screen to continue browsing.



4) While the visitor browses, they'll be notified of any incoming chat messages with an alert badge on the chat bubble in the bottom right corner.



5) The chat conversation is sleekly overlaid on the mobile web page. The visitor can easily toggle back to the page by tapping the screen.



6) Here, the visitor has been offered to CoBrowse with the operator, and can accept or deny the offer.



7) While CoBrowsing, the operator's cursor will be labeled on the page.


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