How Does Glia Integrate with Omniture?

Omniture Integration Overview:

Glia pushes custom events into the client’s Omniture system that are relevant for the Glia experience. Clients use these custom events as inputs for measuring conversion.

Such events are triggered by the Glia application itself and do not require any deep integration into the client’s application internals.

Along with each event, additional variables can be passed related to the interaction, including but not limited to visitor ID, operator name, engagement media selected.


How Events are Passed to Omniture:

In general, the JavaScript Omniture libraries include a submit/push function that receives a Tag ID describing the event and a payload in JSON format.

Glia's Omniture configuration accepts the name of the function for submitting events and a Tag ID for each event that the client is interested in tracking.

Later, when Glia loads on the visitor’s browser it will auto-detect the configured submit function and use it for sending events into the Omniture queue.

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