Getting Started with Audio and Video Upgrades

Getting Started with Audio and Video Upgrades

Using Audio or Video, rather than just Chat, increases your chances of conversion. Let's take a look at how you can leverage rich media. 

How to Upgrade to Video:

1) Click the camera icon in the Operator Interaction Panel to upgrade a Chat engagement to Video.



2) Choose One-Way or Two-Way ("Offer Video")

With One-Way video the visitor will only be able to see you.

For Two-Way Video both the Operator and visitor both have video enabled

If a visitor declines Two-Way Video, One-Way Video will still be initiated.



The visitor will see the following screen when the operator offers video.


Once the visitor clicks Video the browser will ask permission to use the camera. After allowing the camera the Video engagement will begin.


Browser Warning: Allow Camera or Microphone

In all instances where a connection is required from the computer (i.e. using computer audio), both the visitor and the operator will be prompted to “Allow” the microphone or camera.



Audio Upgrade Flow

The same workflow applies for upgrading to Audio--just click the microphone icon instead of the camera icon. 

One-Way Audio allows you to speak to the visitor while the visitor continues chatting.

Two-Way Audio means you’ll both be able to communicate verbally. The visitor will be presented with the option to connect via phone or, if their browser allows, a computer mic.


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