Customize Invites & Lightning Messages

Customize Invites & Lightning Messages

Invites are pre-made messages that you can use quickly when engaging a visitor proactively. Lightning Messages are used any time you're engaged with a visitor for increased efficiency. 

Intro to Invites

Invites are used when an operator proactively reaches out a visitor, as opposed to Lightning Messages, which are used during an engagement.

The Invite appears in the invitation sent to a visitor.

Select an Invite Before Sending to Visitor:

After observing a visitor and clicking "Call" to send a proactive invite, select a pre-made invite message or enter a new message into the text field.



Incoming Call Message on Visitor Side:

Here's what the proactive invite looks like for a visitor.



Intro to Lightning Messages

Lightning Messages are pre-saved messages that you can quickly use while chatting with visitors.

They are a great way to start off a conversation, store responses to FAQs, and introduce upgrades like CoBrowsing or Audio/Video.

As you start typing, your Lightning Messages will auto-fill for increased efficiency.

Customize Your Invites & Lightning Messages

Your SaleMove account comes pre-filled with several default Invites & Lightning Messages. Be sure to personalize them and replace any ellipses [...] in the defaults.

The same process applies for adding, editing, and removing Invites & Lightning Messages.

  • To Add: click the (+) sign, enter your messages, and click "Save".
  • To Edit: double click an existing message, make your modifications, and click "Save".
  • To Delete: click to select a message, then click the (-) sign. Click to confirm.



Currently, Lightning Messages are managed on the operator level (every operator has his/her own messages).

We've heard from operators that it would be helpful to categorize messages into folders and share them with other team members, so we're building out functionality to support those needs. Stay tuned for updates!

In the meantime, take advantage of the auto-complete feature for improved efficiency!

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