Visitor Information: Additional Details

Visitor Information: Additional Details

When observing or engaged with a visitor, the Visitor Information Panel will be displayed across the top of your screen, above the Observation window.




The Visitor Information Panel is made up of 5 sections:

  • Visitor Information (Contact info)
  • Engagement History
  • Visitor Details (i.e. Location)
  • Notes
  • Additional Details (Site Journey)


Visitor Information:

If a visitor has never engaged on your site before, then the name, email address, and phone fields will all be blank.

You may enter this information as you gather it, and visitors can enter their details on their end, as well, in the engagement chat panel.

The information will be saved automatically. Once the information is entered and saved, it will be stored in the system should a visitor return to the site.


Engagement History:

The Engagement History will document engagements and calls made to a visitor, as well as their overall site visits:

  • Moved - total number of engagements with the visitor (includes reactive and proactive)
  • Miss - total number of missed calls (how many times an operator tried to engage with a visitor that the visitor did not accept or decline)
  • Decline - total number of declined calls (the number of calls made to a visitor that the visitor actively declined)
  • Day - number of site visits today
  • Week - number of site visits this week
  • Month - number of site visits this month


Visitor Details:

  • Search: The query that the visitor Googled to get to your website.  This could be great for understanding the visitor's interests. Also may display "Direct Traffic" which means the visitor navigated directly to your site without searching.
  • Location: The city that the visitor is connecting from. This is generally accurate but may vary based on the visitor's connection.

  • Business: The company that owns the visitor's internet connection. This can be a visitor's place of work or their internet service provider.

  • Custom: By utilizing the Glia API, it is possible to see custom visitor information here.



Save notes related to a specific engagement in the Notes field. These will be included in CRM exports and the post-engagement follow-up email. 


Additional Details:

Beneath the notes section is a down-arrow (v) sign button. This will expand additional details about the visitor including:

  • Browsing History: See which pages of the site the visitor has viewed. The blue bars represent the time spent on each page. Hover over the bar for specific times.


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