Using Lightning Messages in an Engagement

Using Lightning Messages in an Engagement

While in an engagement (either chat, audio, or video) you can send a Lightning Message. Glia will attempt to auto-complete your message as you begin typing in the chat field. Alternatively, you can click the green lightning bolt next to the message entry field to review your saved messages.


As you start typing, Glia will automatically look for a matching response in your Lightning Message library.

If a match is found, the remainder of the message will display in light grey.

To select a message, use the "tab" key or the right arrow key to fill in the rest.

Be sure to edit any [...] that were left as placeholders. You can save the edits so you don't have to customize the message every time you use it.

After reviewing your message and making any necessary edits, hit the enter key to send your message.

Note: Auto-complete is not case sensitive.

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