Visitor List: Overview

Visitor List: Overview

The Visitor List only displays Active Visitors on your site.

An active visitor is anyone who is currently scrolling, clicking, or mousing around the site. 

When Glia detects that a visitor is no longer active, the visitor is removed from the list. The default for going idle is 30 seconds.

If you're observing a visitor that goes idle, you'll see a "Visitor Idle" message on your screen.

This ensures that everyone on the Visitor List is interacting with your website at that moment.

The Visitor List is sorted based on their interaction history with your team via Glia. Visitors who have already engaged or received a proactive request will be at the bottom of the list, helping you to prioritize visitors who are available (green).

Visitors of any given status are sorted based on how long they've been active. Visitors at the top of the list are available and have been active on the site the longest.  


What Does "Waiting for Visitors" Mean?

If you see the "Waiting for Visitors" icon in the Visitor List, then no one is actively browsing your website at the moment. Remember, we only display visitors who are active in real-time. 



Don't worry, though! We'll notify you when visitors arrive on the site or are performing relevant activities (like filling out a form or adding items to their shopping cart).

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