Introduction to Admin

The Admin Section is visible only to Managers and Super Managers. 

In the Admin section, Managers are able to:

  • View all operators and their status (whether they are online, engaged, or unavailable)
  • Add, edit, or remove operators and teams


In the Admin section, Super Managers are able to:

  • All of the above, and
  • Access Advanced Admin (i.e. site settings, visuals, etc.)

For more on user account types, check out our Operator Permissions post.



If you have access to more than one site or team you will see dropdown menus at the top of the Admin page.

  • Use the Sites Dropdown to only see operators with access to a particular site
  • Use the Teams Dropdown to only see operators on a particular team


Operator List

The Operator List displays all operators per the site and team filters applied above. You'll see each operator, their account type and their availability.



Account Type

  • Operator - no icon
  • Manager - key icon
  • Super Manager - toolbox icon



  • Available for Video: Available for Video, Voice, and Chat
  • Available for Voice: Available for Voice and Chat
  • Available for Chat: Available for Chat only
  • Unavailable: The operator is online, but not available for visitor calls
  • Visitor Calls Disabled: The operator is online but unable to receive calls from visitors as "reactive" has been disabled on their account
  • Offline: The operator is not logged into Glia


Advanced Admin

  • Super Managers will see an "Advanced" button in the bottom right corner
  • Click "Advanced" to manage additional settings for your account
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