Rich Media Upgrades: Audio vs. Phone

Rich Media Upgrades: Audio vs. Phone

When the operator offers a 2-way Audio upgrade to the visitor, they will have 2 options to choose from (Assuming they are using a compatible device to communicate through the computer mic--the platform will automatically detect this so you don't have to worry about it).

1) Voice - If the visitor chooses Voice, they will be connected directly through their computer mic.

2) Phone - If the Visitor selects Phone, they will be prompted to enter a phone number.

How the phone upgrade works:

  • Visitor selects Phone
  • Visitor enters phone number
  • Glia places a call to the number entered by the visitor
  • The Operator is connected to the visitor's phone (either via the computer or a desk phone depending on his/her audio setup), and the visitor receives a phone call.

This is a great alternative for visitors who are not using a device with a compatible mic. 


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