Interpreting the Visitor List

Interpreting the Visitor List

How are the visitors labeled?

Each visitor has a unique ID that indicates when they arrived on the website. Visitor #17, shown below, is the 17th person to visit the site today. These Visitor IDs will reset each night at midnight.

There are a few exceptions where you'll see a name rather than a number.

  • Visitor has engaged with Glia and name was captured - We'll display the person's name (i.e. Justin DiPietro) every time they come on the site.
  • Business name - If a visitor is logging on from a business, Glia may list the visitor under the company name (i.e. Citi Group), as opposed to a Visitor ID.



What Does the Colored Circle Indicate?

Visitor Status

In the Visitor List, you'll see a status marker to the left of the visitor's name or ID. This marker can tell you whether or not this visitor has ever interacted with you or a colleague via Glia.


There are five possibilities:

- Green: Available. A green visitor is someone that you should try to reach out to and engage!


- Dark purple: Timed-Out. A yellow visitor received a call today from someone, but did not accept or decline. It is ok to engage these visitors, as they may not have seen the incoming call the first time.

- Red: Declined. A red visitor declined or closed the incoming call that was sent today. 

- Blue: Moved. A blue visitor was in an engagement today with you or another operator from your site. This visitor has been "Moved".


- Gray: Observed. A gray visitor is being observed or in an engagement with another operator. Hover your mouse on the gray status marker to see which operator is currently interacting with that visitor. 


The visitor list is organized in the order of the statuses listed above--so the most available, relevant visitors will be listed at the top, with visitors who have declined, or already been moved, at the bottom of the list.


What Is the Title Listed Under the Visitor ID?

Below the visitor ID, visitor name, or visitor business, Glia displays the page the visitor is currently browsing. 


The titles are useful because they give you an idea as to where each visitor is active on the website at any given moment.



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