Incoming Engagement Notifications

Incoming Engagement Notifications

Depending on your company's preferences, you may be required to use Glia throughout the day, or else your team may have a shift structure implemented. Either way, it's good practice to log into Glia when you first arrive at your desk.

Working on other tasks? No problem! There are a few ways Glia will notify you that a visitor is reaching out:

Notification Types

1. Ring, ring, ring! You'll hear a ringing sound on your computer. Be mindful of this if you use headphones, a headset, or keep your volume muted.


2. Pop-up notifications (similar to the other alerts you see throughout the day) will appear on your desktop

Note: clicking on this notification will not accept the engagement. You must click the green phone button on the incoming call alert at the top of the visitor list to accept the engagement.

If you are not receiving pop-up notifications check your Google Chrome settings and ensure that pop-ups are allowed from Glia.


3. If you have the Glia Operator Console open, you'll see an incoming call at the top of the visitor list.

Note that the type of call will be indicated in the green header:

  • Incoming chat call
  • Incoming voice call
  • Incoming video call



As a reminder, if you're going to be stepping away from your desk for an extended period, or are unable to take customer calls for any reason, be sure to update your availability so you don't miss calls. 

The availability controls are in the top right corner of the window.



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