Glia Export Options

Glia Export Integrations
Glia has several options for exporting data into other systems. With the options included in the document, all data is either exported in real-time or within five minutes of the completion of a Glia engagement.


In-platform Download
It is possible to download all of the engagement information in CSV format via the download button while looking at the logs.


Pre-built Integrations
Glia has already integrated with several third-party systems and will continue to consider requests to integrate with other well known third-party systems.


Zapier is a third-party service that allows a connection between two or more apps. Glia has an invitation-only integration with thousands of cloud apps. Some of our typical integrations include exporting data to CRM or customer support software.


Glia has a standard Salesforce integration which pushes engagement data to a representative’s Salesforce account.


Custom Integrations
Enterprise clients can elect to use several customizable options outside of Glia’s standard integrations.


XML Email
Once an engagement is triggered to go to CRM, Glia can send an email containing all of the engagement information in XML format. Emails are typically sent immediately following the end of an engagement. However, some emails may take up to five minutes to send.


Glia maintains a REST API that can be accessed at This API can be used to transfer all engagement data or only new engagements into your system using JSON or CSV format.

In order to use the API please contact your success manager for your API key.


Enterprise clients can also opt to have their data sent via a POST request using XML or JSON format. Glia sends exports from the following client IPs (subject to change with notice):


Ensure these IP addresses are whitelisted by your firewall.

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