Browser Compatibility

SaleMove is compatible with ~97% of Internet traffic. However, some browsers are not yet capable of supporting some of SaleMove's functionality. The SaleMove platform will automatically sense and adjust its capabilities based on the device and browser used by each visitor.

 For operators, SaleMove is available on Chrome.

 For visitors, SaleMove is available on: 


  • Chrome: past 5 versions supported for chat, phone, video and audio.
  • Firefox: past 5 versions supported for chat, phone, video and audio.
  • Safari: past 3 versions supported for phone and chat.
  • IE: 11+ supported for phone and chat.
  • iOS: CoBrowsing and chat is available on Safari 7.15 and Chrome (last 10 versions)
  • Android:  CoBrowsing and chat is available on Chrome (last 10 versions)
With the number of people with older browsers decreasing every day, so you will see fewer of them visiting your website. SaleMove is also happy to announce that Microsoft is bringing WebRTC to Internet Explorer in the near future. This will further expand our browser coverage.  
Please note: Often, corporate machines will use "Compatibility Mode," which causes an up-to-date browser to perform like an older version.  In this case, SaleMove's behavior will respond to the browser's mode rather than its actual version.
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