Reactive Bubble and Operator Selector Setup Options

Glia customers that are on our enterprise package have several options in how the reactive Bubble is displayed. We will cover most of the options available in this article. However, please consult with your Glia success specialist as they will be the one that can help you implement any changes. If you are looking for information on how to customize your reactive Bubble's look and feel please visit this link.



Reactive Bubble Display Settings


Option 1: Always display the reactive Bubble.


This option will display a leave a message box if no operator is online. Once a visitor leaves a message that message can be sent to: 

A) Just your CRM 
B) Every operator's inbox and your CRM if one is connected
C) One email address that you choose and your CRM if one is connected




Note: If a message is left for a specific operator it will go to that operator's email along with the CRM 



Option 2: Only display the reactive Bubble when an operator is logged onto Glia


This option will only display the Bubble if at least one operator is logged into Glia and could be available to speak with a visitor. This means if an operator has "reactive" turned off and they are logged in the Bubble will be treated as if no operator is currently logged in.



Operator Selector Display Settings


Glia's default operator selector will display up to three operators at a time. If there are more than three operators available you will see arrows appear on both sides of the operator selector allowing you to scroll to the other operators. The order that the operators are displayed is from the center of the screen away prioritized by their available communication options.

  1. Available for Video:  Available for everything, Video, Voice and Chat
  2. Available for Voice: Available for both Voice and Chat
  3. Available for Chat: Available for only Chat
  4. Unavailable: Operators will appear as "Unavailable" and visitors will be able to leave a message





A few other options we have available to enterprise clients is the ability to:

  • A large call center optimized operator selector
  • Shut off Glia on IE8 and/or IE9
  • Never display the reactive Bubble
  • Use pre-made Glia buttons instead of the reactive Bubble
  • Use custom buttons via a simple to use API call 
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