Personalize Your Profile

Personalize Your Profile

The Glia platform's Profile section is where you personalize your operator account. In the Profile section you can:

To get to the Profile section, click the menu icon (3 bars in the top left corner of the window), then click on the profile picture in the control panel.



Upload a Profile Picture
With the profile section expanded, click "Edit Picture".


You can now browse for an image by clicking on the orange computer button pictured below: 


Note: Uploading an image with height 176px and width 222px will give you the best result.

Once your image is uploaded, you can position it in the frame by dragging and zooming as pictured below: 


Edit Your Name
With the profile section expanded, click the pencil icon to edit your name:


When engaging with visitors your name will appear exactly as it is listed in this section. If you prefer not to use your last name then do not include it here. Some operators choose to put their title next to their name for instance, "Justin - Sales Manager". 


Verify Your Phone Number

Click the pencil icon to input your phone number. Follow these instructions to verify your phone number and configure the appropriate routing. 


Change Your Password

You can also edit your password by clicking the lock icon next to "Change Password".




Customize Your Invites & Lightning Messages

Beneath your account information, you can customize your Invites & Lightning Messages


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