Flag a Technical Issue with an Engagement

Flag a Technical Issue with an Engagement 

If you experience a technical issue with an engagement we ask that you report it by flagging it in the engagement logs

To flag an engagement:
1. Click on the Logs button in the control bar 


2. Find the engagement where you experienced a technical issue and click the plus (+) button


3. Click the flag icon 


4. Describe the issue in the box that occurred:


Please write as much information as you can remember from the engagement. The more detail we know, the more likely we'll be able to fix the issue for next time. Here is an example of a structure you can use:

  • When I was.....(in an engagement)
  • I went to.....(upgrade the visitor)
  • By..... (clicking the video icon to offer the visitor video)
  • But the....(video did not turn on for the visitor, but the visitor saw their on their side)
  • I also tried....(asking the visitor to turn their video on and off again)

5. Click Report 

This will send the issue along with some more technical detail to our engineering team to review. 

Note: Most audio/video issues can be solved by looking through the troubleshooting section of Glia Support

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