When I click "Ok" why are calls disappearing?

Sometimes I get a call and there is an "Alert" box from Google Chrome that I have to click before I can accept the call in Glia. However, when I click "OK" the call disappears. Why is that?

We use the "Alert" box to open Glia if you are not currently looking at the platform and receive an incoming call. This way you can multi-task in other programs and you'll be instantly alerted that you have an incoming call on Glia.

The downside of using the "Alert" box to add this feature is that if the visitor cancels the call request or if the call is not answered within 30 seconds (missed call), we cannot remove the "Alert", "Incoming call" or the sound until you click on the "OK" button. This makes it look like the call disappeared when it was really already canceled or missed.

The best way to avoid seeing this is by setting yourself as "Unavailable" when you step away from your computer for an extended period of time. 

Note: If this happens, the visitor experience is still seamless. If the visitor does not cancel the call, but the operator misses it, the visitor will be asked if they would like to leave a message or speak with another operator (assuming there are other available operators on the site at that time).

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