Camera or Microphone Issues

If you find that your camera or microphone is not working, try one of our troubleshooting tips below.

Note: You can easily see if your audio is being transmitted to the visitor if the audio bars are moving in the audio/video feed. If they are not moving, there is an issue with the mic. Try restarting your computer then review your default mic settings.

1. Ensure you have allowed Chrome to access your camera and mic

If you are using Chrome and there is a camera icon in your browser's address bar, click it and ensure that 'Continue allowing to access your camera and microphone' is selected.

Also, check that the Microphone and Camera selected are the ones you would like to be using for your machine




 2. Run a diagnostic test

Run a user diagnostic at this link to see if there are any issues


3. Close other programs that may be using your camera or mic

For both Chrome and the Glia desktop Application, make sure that you have closed any other applications or windows that might be using the camera (like Skype or a Google Hangouts).

If you had another program that was using your camera or microphone you may need to restart the Glia platform by closing out of the Glia application (or Chrome) and then opening it back up again.


4. Test your internet connection speed

If your video or sound is very choppy, laggy, or cutting out, please test your internet connection speed at We recommend a minimum connection speed of 500Kbps (~0.5Mbps) for video and audio.


5. Try using a headset

If you get any kind of weird sound or echo, try using a headset. Most of the time this will not be necessary, but some visitors may have slower internet connections which can affect sound quality.


6. Review firewall settings

If you are hearing lagging or you think your firewall may be blocking or slowing down the audio/video stream, please allow on port 80 and 443with TCP / HTTPS traffic.

If you have a firewall enabled please allow traffic from and through.

Known firewalls that you must allow traffic through: ZyXEL

7. Restart your computer

If your camera and/or microphone still aren't working after trying all these steps, try restarting your computer.


8. Contact Glia

If the issue persists, please submit a ticket on our Support page by clicking "Submit a request" in the top right corner of

Please provide a detailed description of the issue you are experiencing and any troubleshooting measures you have already tried.

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