Glia Bandwidth Requirements

Glia Bandwidth Requirements

Overview: Glia is designed to work using very low bandwidth. The requirement is so low in fact that we have been able to have full video engagements from an airplane!

Glia Bandwidth Optimization

Glia uses a number of techniques to optimize bandwidth utilization including:

  • Peer-to-peer connections for both data and audio/video whenever possible. This allows the platform to avoid the server in the middle and lowers the amount of messages going back-and-forth, therefore decreasing the latency and the bandwidth needed.
  • Auto-recover when there are short drops in internet. As an example if your internet drops for a few seconds during an engagement and then reconnects, Glia will pick up right where you left off.
  • Monitor and adjust audio/video quality in real-time depending on shifts in bandwidth. For example, if you're in an audio/video conversation Glia will lower the transmission rate slightly to ensure that audio/video maintains quality if the bandwidth drops.


Optimal Bandwidth

Given Glia's bandwidth optimization methods the platform will operate best with greater than 1MB download and 1MB upload.  That said, we have seen successful engagements with 0.3MB download and 0.5MB upload.

To check your bandwidth visit this link here.

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