Why Don't Google Analytics and Glia Match?

Glia Real-Time Visitors

Glia's Visitor List displays your website's currently active visitors so your operators can engage with people who are on your website at that moment (not attempt to contact someone who has your website open on a forgotten tab in their browser).

For a visitor to be considered active, that means they are scrolling, clicking, typing or interacting with your page. If a person leaves or steps away from their computer for more than a few seconds, then Glia removes them from the list.

Since we focus on the most active visitors only, we like to call our real-time analytics "Real-Time Movement"!




Also, note that the Glia chart along the bottom of the operator console represents non-unique visits because this is more useful when thinking about staffing needs.

Lastly, remember that all of our statistics do not include visitors that are incompatible with Glia (such as a person using IE8 or below).


Google's "Real-time" Analytics

Google's real-time analytics may actually be up to 5 minutes delayed. Visitors will remain active on Google's dashboard for 5 minutes even if the visitor is not active at all. This delay is acceptable to Google because you are not using the analytics to interact with visitors.


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