Setting up Teams

Glia allows managers to set up teams of operators. 


Why create teams?

Teams are helpful from an internal management perspective, and also for allocating resources on your site (i.e. Salespeople on Sales pages, Service Team on Service pages).


Teams allow managers to:

1) View operator availability for specific teams

2) Separate operators by skill set

3) Assign teams to different parts of your site based on skill set 

4) Trigger business logic based off teams


How to set up teams: 

1. Navigate to the Admin section

2. Click the down arrow on the "All Teams" dropdown menu

3. Click "+Add/Edit Teams".

Note: if your site already has a number of existing teams, you may have to scroll down.


4. To add a team, click the plus (+) button in the bottom left of the Teams Editor modal.

5. Enter the Team Name and Team Description

6. Click "Save & Close"

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