Turning Glia On


When Glia is first installed on a site the script is set to return nothing or a small contact us message by default. To turn Glia on, a "super manager" (the first operator is always set to super manager) must access the account settings and turn the script on.


There are two different states for turning Glia on:


1) Completely on - Glia scripts are enabled with reactive on. Site visitors are able to reactively engage operators


2) Enabled but not showing - Glia scripts are enabled, but reactive is disabled. This is sometimes the initial state that customers will use when pushing to production to run tests using proactive.



Enabling Glia

Step 1: Super Manager navigates to Advanced Admin (menu button >> Admin (key icon) >> Advanced Admin)




Step 2: Ensure you have selected the correct site (if you have access to multiple sites) and the General category.


Step 3: Review the "Glia" setting

The Glia switch turns the scripts on and off. By turning this switch "on", Glia will be activated on your website.


Step 4: Review the "Reactive" setting

This switch controls the reactive tab for the entire site. If switched off, Glia is not displayed on your website, even if individual operators have the reactive capability.


Step 5: Save Your Settings

Click "Save" in the bottom right to save your changes.



To Turn Glia Completely On:

- Flip Glia switch to "On"

- Flip Reactive global switch to "On"





To Turn Glia On without Reactive:

- Flip Glia switch to "On"

- Ensure Reactive global switch is set to "Off"



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