Verify Your Phone Number & Audio Routing

Verify Your Phone Number & Audio Routing

Understanding Your Audio Options as an Operator

There are two options for using audio as an operator:

1) routing through your computer (this is the most straightforward), and

2) routing through your phone system.

Depending on your company's setup and preference, your managers will indicate which routing method you'll be using.

Both options work equally well and have no impact on how you interact with visitors. The only difference is that audio routed through your phone will place a call to your verified phone number whenever you use audio or video in an engagement.

In either case, it is important to verify your phone number (step 1 below) so that whenever a visitor chooses a phone engagement your number will display on the caller ID.

Audio Routed Through Operator Computer

The operator's audio uses the mic and speakers on the computer. If this is the case, please follow step 1 below to verify your phone number.

Audio Routed Through Operator Phone

The operator's audio is routed to the operator's phone. Glia will call your verified phone number when using audio or video. If your audio is to be routed through your phone, please complete steps 1 and 2, below.


Step 1: Verify Your Phone Number

All operators should complete this step

1. Once you are logged in open your profile section 
2. Click the phone icon next to the "Phone" section beneath your name


3. A modal will appear for you to enter your phone number. Choose a country code from the selector and enter your phone number. 


4. Click "Verify Number" 

5. Glia will display a verification code in the modal and place a call to the phone number you entered


6. Enter the verification code into your phone to complete the verification process
7. If you are routing your audio through your phone, please continue to Step 2. If you are routing your audio through your computer click "Save & Close".


Step 2: Route Audio Through Your Phone

All operators routing audio through their phone number should complete this step

1. Now that your phone number has been verified (per the green checkmark), click the blue audio toggle to switch from the mic option to the phone option. The toggle should now be on the right side by the phone icon.


2. Click "Save & Close".

3. To enable your new audio configuration, log out of your account by clicking the power button in the bottom left corner of the window.

4. Log back into your account. Now all of your changes have been saved and you are ready to use your phone for audio and video engagements.

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