Managing Availability & Media Options

Managing Availability & Media Options

Communication Options

There are two types of engagements you can have with a visitor:

  • The first is when the visitor contacts you, a reactive engagement
  • The second is when you contact the visitor, a proactive engagement

You have full control over how visitors can reach out to you based on how you set your availability (top right corner):


Depending on your choice, visitors will be able to call you in different ways:

  1. Available for Video: Available for everything--Video, Voice, and Chat
  2. Available for Voice: Available for both Voice and Chat
  3. Available for Chat: Availably for Chat only
  4. Unavailable: You will appear as "Away". Depending on your company's settings, visitors will be able to leave a message with you, or you'll be removed from the site until you are available for an engagement

We highly recommend giving your visitors as many options as possible. Available for Video is preferred, but Available for Voice will still let visitors speak instead of type to you.

When a visitor comes onto your website and an operator is available, the Reactive Bubble will be displayed (if your company is using the out-of-the-box version). When visitors mouse over the operator's picture, they can see how the operator has made herself available to communicate using the controls reviewed above.


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