Transferring Engagements: Step-By-Step

Transferring Engagements: Step-by-Step

How to Transfer an Engagement:

1. While in an engagement click the transfer button on the top right, next to the end call button.


2. Engagements can be transferred to operators, queues or external contacts.

a) Transferring engagement to another operator.

All the operators applicable to receive the transfer are listed under the Operators tab. Operators can be searched by their name, email or team they belong to. Their media availability is shown under the Channels. If your company uses multiple sites you are able to sort through them. Start engagement transfer by selecting the operator and clicking on Send transfer to operator.


b) Transfering engagement to a specific queue. 

All the available queues are listed under the Queues tab. For each queue, the people in the queue and wait time is shown. The engagement is transferred to the first available operator in the selected queue. Start engagement transfer by selecting the preferred queue and click on Send To Queue.


c) Transferring phone engagements to external contacts.

Please select the external numbers tab in order to see all the phone contacts of third parties that are not using Glia. If needed, it is possible to add a new external number on the go at the bottom of the transfer window. To confirm the phone engagements transfer, click Send To External Number.


3. Once you make the decision, who should be the engagement transferred to, it is recommended to write a message to make the transfer "warm". 


4. After clicking the "Start Transfer to Operator" button wait for the operator to answer.


5. The operator on the other side will receive the transfer request along with the message that you included. 


6. Once the operator accepts the transfer you can let the customer know that they have accepted it, say bye and click on "Transfer Now".


7. The visitor will be transferred to the new operator. The new operator will be able to see the visitor's previous chat history and if they look in the notes section they can see the message you sent during the transfer.

What if the operator I transfer to does not accept the engagement?

If you transfer an engagement and the operator declines or does not accept it within 30 seconds, the transfer is stopped and the following pop-up is displayed, showing the reason why the transfer was unsuccessful.

Screen_Shot_2018-08-29_at_23.22.44.png  declined.png

Click “Back” and you will have the option to select another operator to transfer to.

When selecting another operator the "warm transfer" note you sent previously will be saved.

Keep in mind you still have the ability to communicate with the visitor while all of this is happening. This helps them stay engaged and not feel abandoned while waiting for someone else to assist.

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