SaleMove Statistics

SaleMove Statistics

With SaleMove Statistics you can gather performance data directly within the platform. Basic Statistics are available to all operators, while more Advanced Statistics are reserved for operators with Manager or Super Manager status.


Changing the View

Filter the statistics based on a particular time period, site, and/or operator.


1) Time Period

All the statistics below can be displayed for one of these four time periods (Today, This Week, This Month, and Custom Range).

Simply click one of the buttons to adjust the time period.


2) Site Selection

If you are an operator with access to multiple sites you will see a dropdown menu with the sites listed. If you only have access to one site this dropdown will not appear.


3) Operator Selection

All these statistics can be displayed for anyone on your team using the drop down. You can see how you rank next to your colleagues by looking at their stats! 

The last option in the drop down is "All Operators", this will show you the collective totals for all operators included in the statistics section. 


Note: In some cases some managers choose to not be included in the statistics section. They will not see themselves and they will not be included in the totals.


Interpreting the Statistics

Website Stats

The Website section shows general information about alerts and visitors.

Alerts are triggered when SaleMove determines that a visitor is a good prospect, so this number represents quality leads that browsed your website (these alerts are typically displayed to operators as desktop notifications).

If a visitor is very active they can trigger more than one alert so sometimes the number of alerts can exceed the number of visitors.

The number of visitors represents the total number of "unique" visitors that have been on your website for the time period that selected above.

Note: this number may differ from the chart on the home screen as this is the "unique count" not the number of visits triggered over time.


Call Stats

The Calls section shows information about how many video, audio and chat calls have been placed, received or missed. 


Placed: The operator selected a visitor and placed a proactive call

A visitor called an operator (reactive call)

 A visitor called an operator (reactive call), but the operator was unable to answer (timed out) or declined the call


Time Stats

The Time section shows basic staffing information.

Connected:  how long you have been logged into the SaleMove Platform

Engaged: time on platform that you have spent communicating with visitors


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