Best Practice: When to Ping an Idle Visitor

Best Practice: When to Ping an Idle Visitor

Sometimes when you're chatting with a customer, they get distracted by the doorbell, an email, their kids- whatever the case may be.

"How do I know when it's ok to check back in with the customer and make sure they're still with me?"

A timer is built into every chat to help you gauge when to ping a customer.



How does it work?

The visitor chat timer indicates the amount of time elapsed since the visitor last sent a message. The timer will appear and begin counting up after 1 minute has passed.

At the minute mark, we recommend pinging the customer to make sure they're still with you. Each message you send will play a chime on the visitor's computer and flash their browser tab. 

If the customer is still unresponsive after 2 minutes, send another message to check in. If the customer still does not respond, send a closing message and end the engagement so you are available for other customers to reach out to you.

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